Life without STRESS...


STRESS may effect your Mind, Body, and behavior in many adverse ways. When you stressed out over traffic jams, work overload, too many concerns and responsibilities, etc., etc., your mind may subconsciously react on it, sometimes similarly to a life threatening situations. Long term exposure to stress may lead to serious health problems - raised blood pressure, risk of heart attack and stroke, infertility, speed up aging, problems with memory and concentration, the list is going on and on...
These may result of or exacerbated by stress:

Isn't it time to do something about it? You decide.​


ANXIETY No More...

Say good-bye to Stress and Panic Attacks.
React on any challenging situation calmly and confidently.

Anxiety may effect your mind, body, and behavior in adverse way. There are many types of Anxiety Disorder which are effecting your life and lives of people around you. When Anxiety is constant and overwhelming, it interferes with your daily routine, stay on your way to achieving your goals, disrupts your relationships, your ability to function  normally,  and more...
Persistent Anxiety Attacks may lead to: OBESITY, INSOMNIA, OCD - (OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER),  HEADACHES, CHRONIC  FATIGUE, CONSTANT MUSCLE TENSION, and other unwanted conditions. It can raise blood pressure, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, contribute to infertility, and speed up the aging process. BetterSelf15.com Program works wonder by itself or with any professional intervention. 



No more sleepless nights.
Relax and have a deep, refreshing sleep every night. 
Naturally. Effortlessly. No pills. No hypnosis.

This 30 minutes of pleasant experience will give you a power to turn sleepless nights into pleasure of having a deep, refreshing sleep - night, after night, after night...  It is especially beneficial for people who have difficulties in falling asleep, frequently waking up through the night, and feel sleepy and tired the following day. The Program will help you to relax, fall asleep, and  feel refreshed and energized every morning.


Get rid of Belly FAT fast and easy

Choose the fastest, the easiest, and the most pleasant way to loose your body fat and keep it off.

We all know reasons for accumulating unwanted fat:
Lack of Physical activities, Overeating, Stress, Anxiety, Sleeping problems, etc., etc.
Than, why it is so difficult to loose weight and enjoy life in full?
          Because its all in our Minds! If we would be able to change our perception of these remedies from "I have to" to "I like it and Enjoy It", our extra body fat would become a distant memory.  
These fantastic tools will help you to do so! 


Stop OVEREATING for good

We can't survive without food. ​There for, above and beyond simple hunger, our brain, while we eat, releases so called "pleasure  chemical" neurotransmitter Dopamine. The very first few bites of delicious meal triggers release of this rewarding "pleasure chemical. It makes us feel so gooood... And we may want it more, and more, and more...Unfortunately, in time, it may create a problem called "Emotional Eating". 
"Emotional Eating" is simply our way to suppress negative emotions. Released Dopamine makes us feel good and  helps us to deal with some of chronic psychological conditions, and/or at list temporary forget about our anxiety, loneliness, mistakes, stress, sadness, anger, fears, fatigue, luck of adequate sleep, relationship problems etc., etc. 
Obviously, "Emotional Eating" is considered one of the major contributing factor for OVERWEIGHTING and OBESITY.


Craving for SWEETS No More!

Sweet drinks and sweet food is so attractive simply because of large amount of "pleasure chemical" Dopamine, produced in our brain almost immediately upon it consumption. It makes us feel so good that for the time being we may forget about our life challenges like Stress, Anxiety, Pains, Fears, etc., etc., and enjoy wonderful feelings.
However, those wonderful feelings are similar to effect of some light narcotics. And, sometimes, we want to experience it more and more often.
That is how our addiction to sweet food and drinks begins.
This volume will help you to brake such dependency and greatly reduce craving for sweets. 
As a result, loosing unwanted fat will become real and fast.
Join thousands of people who are successfully used this program!


FEAR of FLYING  No More...​

Relax and Enjoy Flying without fears. 
Every Time. Anywhere.

If, even one thought of air travel makes you feel uptight and trigger anxiety, you are not alone. Over 70 million Americans, including even some flight attendants, feel the same way.
But, you don't have to. This Program will help you to overcome anticipatory anxiety related to fear of flying fast and easy. 
You will enjoy flying airplanes anywhere, anytime, always!


Exam with Confidence! 

The #1 reason for most students fail at any test or exam is simply FEAR OF FAILURE. 
This powerful emotion is very difficult to control, regardless of age or level of knowledge.  FEAR OF FAILURE is also increasing with increasing the level of importance of the exam.

Join thousands of STUDENTS in High Schools, COLLEGES, Graduate and Postgraduate Schools, LICENSING Board Exam Candidates, LAW and Medical Schools Students, and all of us who used this great Program to overcome our subconscious  fears and succeed in exam, after exam, after exam... 

Relax and REMEMBER Everything About Subject of the next exam:
EVERYTHING you ever heard, have written, talked about, or analyzed.​
Fear of EXAM No More!